Birthday party games

Here are a few ideas for games you can organise at parties at home with kids.

Organising a detective mystery

A detective mystery is a great party game to organise for a birthday. Children love the idea of playing the role of little detective and setting off in search of the culprit.
1- The premise for the investigation When organising a detective mystery with a group of children, first of all decide (...)

Hens Foxes Snakes

Hens Foxes Snakes is a great outdoor game to organise at parties.
You need a large playing field (or garden) with enough room for all three teams to run about at the same time. Firstly, divide the children into three teams: hens, foxes and snakes. Each team has their own camp. The aim of the (...)

Musical chairs

Everyone knows musical chairs, kids adore it and it’s a very easy game to organise at a party.
You need an audio source (CD player, Smartphone, tablet, etc.), to play the music, and chairs, which you place in a circle, facing outwards. The game begins with the number of chairs equal to the (...)


Less well known, Ambassadors is a great game idea for parties.
Prepare a list of words beforehand which can be drawn, mimed or cut out. A player from each team, the Ambassador, comes to you and you whisper a word to them. The Ambassadors then return to their teams and try to make them guess (...)

Open your eyes

Open your eyes is an easy indoor party game to organise, perfect for a rainy day.
Gather the children in one room and start by showing them the first object. The children all leave the room and you place the object so that it is still visible in the room but difficult to see. The children then (...)

Sack races

Sack races are always great fun at parties.
Start by getting hold of some large, strong sacks. Draw a starting line and the finishing line. The game can be played individually or in teams. To make it fair for all kids, you can draw different starting lines for each age. The older ones can (...)

How to make a treasure hunt for kids ?

Make a Treasure Hunt requires a lot of thought and preparation to achieve a well-balanced and successful game. This is what I do, I invent treasure hunts for kid’s parties. I’ll give you all the advice you need to create a wonderful adventure that will delight your child and their friends at (...)

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